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How to Encourage Your Kids to Eat Fish

Fish is great for kids - hook, line and sinker. Not only does fish contain omega-3 fatty acids which boost brain power, the Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology reports fish, along with eggs and peanuts, are great for kids under a year old. In fact, a new study has found that babies who consumed fish in their first 12 months suffered from food allergies less often than those who did not. Convincing your kiddos to take the bait can the real challenge. How to turn your picky eater into a seafood lover:
Broth is Best
Broth works well if you have a really picky eater on your hands and want to get your little one acclimated to the taste of fish. First, cook some fish for the adults and then use some of the pan drippings to make a light sauce for your kid’s pasta. That way, they will get the taste of the fish and you can save the fish texture for later on. Try this Honey Soy Seared Glazed Cod while reserving the pan dripping for the children.
Make it Familiar-
When trying to convince anyone, especially a kid, to try something new, it’s best if you introduce it in a familiar way. Presenting fish in a family-friendly fish stick is conveniently similar to chicken nuggets. Even add ketchup as a dipping sauce and they may not know the difference. Try these Oven-Fried Fish Sticks
Keep it Light –
Start with light fish like cod, catfish or halibut. Prepare steamed from parchment paper bags in the oven. This preparation will keep the flavor mild. As your children get older, add more spices, sauces and heavier fish to amp up the flavor.
The Fresher the Better
Don’t tip your kiddos off with the fishy smell. Fresh fish will have much less of a smell and should be easier for your little ones to accept. 
Whether it be through broth or fish sticks, allow your little ones to dip their toes into the water when it comes to seafood and don’t miss out on the healthy benefits.  Looking for more ideas? See family-friendly seafood recipes:

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