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Shrimp Selection


Shrimp are one of the most popular seafood products sold in the U.S. - great grilled, broiled, sautéed, steamed, and so much more. It's a versatile protein that firm texture and sweet flavor taste great is so many recipes. Not sure what kind of shrimp to buy? Follow our guide to select the right size and variety to fit your recipes. 


how to select the right size shrimp



Shrimp are packed according to the number of individual shrimp necessary to equal one pound. A size of 16/20 means there are between 31 and 40  shrimp per pound. The smaller the number, the bigger the size of the shrimp.


Note: Applies to raw, shell-on shrimp.


wild or farmed shrimp?


Wild Gulf Shrimp

Some of the best tasting shrimp in the world come from Texas.  Wild Texas Gulf Brown Shrimp are famous for their robust flavor.  They’re great for recipes, especially dishes with bold flavors and hot spices.  H-E-B Wild New Harvest Gulf Shrimp are available for a limited time mid-August – September.
H‑E‑B is committed to the health, abundance, and sustainability of our oceans and marine life, while offering you the best variety and quality of seafood. Our company is deeply committed to the development of thriving fishing communities, ensuring they will play a vital role in delivering the highest‑quality seafood to our customers for generations to come.

Texas Farm Raised

Shrimp is raised by Texas shrimp farmers near the Gulf of Mexico in man-made saltwater ponds. Much like any other farm, these ponds are tended to on a daily basis with constant monitoring of water quality, temperature, oxygen levels and nutrients to ensure the shrimp are produced in the best environment possible. No hormones or antibiotics are ever used. Shrimp are frozen the same day they are harvested to maintain freshness. H-E-B buys more Texas-grown shrimp than any other grocery store.


Texas Farm Raised

  • Crisp texture, sweet flavor
  • Great for: grilling, broiling and sautéeing 


Wild Gulf Brown

  • Robust flavor, firm texture
  • Most popular of the Gulf shrimp
  • Great for: stuffing, étouffée, and stews

Wild Gulf White

white gulf shrimp
  • Mild flavor, tender texture
  • Great for: shrimp boils, grilling, steaming and frying



Additionally, H-E-B Wild New Harvest Gulf shrimp are available for a limited time mid-August to September.

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