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salmon selection

Full of omega-3s, vitamins, DHA, minerals and protein, salmon is nature’s miracle food. H-E-B offers a variety of fresh and frozen salmon for your enjoyment. Read on to select the best salmon for you.


wild or farmed?


Wild salmon are caught off the coast of Alaska, Washington and Oregon between May and October. These salmon are born in freshwater rivers and streams and swim out to the ocean as they mature. Their high fat content helps them survive in cold water and also produces rich flavor.

Atlantic (farmed) salmon grow in fisheries with expertly-monitored water quality. Higher in fat, Atlantic salmon maintains moisture well and is easy to cook.


fresh or frozen?



Atlantic (farmed) salmon freezes very well due its higher fat content. Wild caught salmon is sometimes frozen right after catching to preserve freshness.  Ask a Seafood Partner for the best piece for you.


how to pick?



Select salmon with a vibrant color, fresh (non-fishy) smell and a cut that appears moist rather than dried out. Avoid any fish brown spots on the belly, around the edges of the fillet, or curled skin.


King Salmon

king salmon
  • Largest of the Pacific wild salmon
  • Rich flavor and firm texture
  • Often smoked, also great grilled, baked and poached

Coho (Silver) Salmon

coho salmon
  • Wild
  • Orange color
  • Mild flavor, firm texture
  • Ideal for grilling and canning

Sockeye (Red) Salmon

red sockeye salmon
  • Wild
  • Rich red color
  • Flavorful and pairs well with other strong flavors
  • Great grilled on a cedar plank

Atlantic Salmon

atlantic salmon
  • Most abundant
  • Farm-raised
  • Great on the grill - see recipe
  • Available in steaks, fillets and whole 

E.U. Certified Organic Salmon

king salmon
  • No Antibiotics
  • Farm-raised
  • Exceptionally buttery flavor and moist, flaky texture
  • European Union rating of organic*
*US does not provide organic rating on salmon