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Sustainable Seafood at H-E-B

When you visit the H-E-B Seafood department, you can shop with confidence knowing that we are working to ensure our seafood comes from sustainable sources and is fished responsibly. Learn more about our partnerships and commitment to sustainability. H-E-B will gladly answer questions regarding our sustainable seafood practices. For more information, please contact us.

Sustainability Partnerships

Read about our partnerships with local communities in the Texas Gulf to bring your fresh, sustainable seafood.

H-E-B Seafood Policy

Our policy includes working with the Environmental Defense Fund, supporting traceability systems for our seafood and more.

The Nature Conservancy Texas

The Nature Conservancy Texas works to restore healthy shorelines, protect freshwater resources, increase coastal resiliency and ensure participation of Gulf communities in the economic benefits of restoration.

Seafood FAQ

H-E-B Sustainability Chart

Use our easy-to-read chart to find out the sustainability status, country of origin and the production method of fish.

Trace Your Tuna

H-E-B is committed to sustainable fishing, sourcing and the best quality tuna. Each of our tuna products can be traced back to the sea.