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Green Building

Green Building

We're designing our facilities to save energy and reuse materials wherever possible.

  • Special infrared diagnostic equipment is used to test and repair air leaks in the seals on all of our coolers and freezers, as well as all of the windows and doors in our stores. This saves thousands of dollars each year in energy costs—savings that we return to customers in the form of lower prices throughout the store.

  • The 2.4 megawatt rooftop solar panel system at our San Marcos facility supplies over 3 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy to that facility.

  • In 2016, we installed rooftop solar panel systems on 18 Austin area stores totally 4.0 megawatts. Since 2015, we have installed over 35,000 solar panels on the roofs of our facilities!

  • We continue to invest in energy efficient LED lighting. LED saves energy, produces less heat, and lasts longer than other lighting types.

  • Our Austin-area stores use 39 million kWh of renewable power each year. That's enough to power 3,240 Austin homes each year.

  • San Antonio stores receive between 10% and 35% of their electrical power (25 million kWh) each year from renewable sources. That's enough to power an additional 2,000 homes annually.

  • Refrigerated case fans in several stores are being modified with energy efficient fans. Energy savings amount to over 50% per fan.

  • Nine stores have achieved LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) green building certification, and many LEED criteria are met by our design standards for new stores.

  • All non 24-hour stores have been fitted with Night Blinds for open refrigerated cases to retain cooled air over night.

  • Energy management systems that replace traditional thermostats with centralized electric controls will reduce our energy use by almost 8% per store, per year.

  • Since 2000 our utility usage per square foot has been reduced by 20%.


  • We use energy efficient fluorescent high-bay light fixtures that will reduce harmful carbon dioxide from the air by more than 29 million pounds.

  • Lighting in our frozen food door cases are being replaced with LED lighting. Once completed, the energy savings will be approximately 16 million kWh.

  • We continue to invest in energy efficient LED lighting. LED saves energy, produces less heat, and lasts longer than other lighting types.

  • Our outdoor H-E-B signs have been refitted with LED lights. In San Antonio alone, this saved 13 million kWh per year.

  • We replaced all of the fluorescent light bulbs in our corporate headquarters with high efficiency T8 bulbs that typically use 32% less energy than regular bulbs. To save even more electricity, we installed occupancy sensors that automatically turn off the lights when no one is in the room.


  • The landscaping at our stores is designed to conserve water, filter run-off water, and promote native plant life. We use a large percentage of drought resistant and native plants meeting or exceeding local requirements for use of those types of plants in landscaping.

Equipment and Materials

  • The steel we use in our buildings is produced with a minimum of 65% recycled content. Our wallboard is made from recycled materials, and we also use highly energy efficient heating and air conditioning units and ENERGY STAR compliant roofing material in all new stores.