3 Ways to Cook Flank Steak

Chef Scott shows three easy ways to make flank steak for quick weeknight dinners, each under 30 minutes! Flank steak is a very versatile and one of the leaner cuts of beef—great for marinating and grilling, broiling and stir-fry. Find it in your H-E-B Meat Department, see all H-E-B Flank Steaks

3 Ways to Cook Flank Steak

Flank Steak Recipes:

Flank Steak Tacos with Balsamic Glazed Peppers and Onions

Grilled: Flank Steak Tacos with Balsamic Peppers & Onions
Heat up the grill for a quick grilled steak taco dinner in under 20 minutes. For a delicious taco topping, grill peppers and onions in a foil packet alongside the steak. To save time, purchase pre-sliced fajita veggies available in the H-E-B produce department. Serve these delicious steak tacos with whole wheat or H-E-B Mixla Corn & Flour Blend Tortillas. 

Total Time: 20 Minutes
Calories: 370 per serving

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Ponzu & Honey Glazed Flank Steak

Broiled: Ponzu & Honey Flank Steak
Create a quick, Japanese-style glaze for broiling flank steak. Heat lime juice, ginger, soy sauce and honey for a delicious, sweet and savory beef glaze. Serve broiled steak with a cool Ginger-Spiced Cucumber Salad

Total Time: 25 Minutes
Calories: 210 per serving

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Stir‑Fry Beef with Vegetables

Stir-Fry: Beef with Vegetables
Try this easy recipe for beef stir-fry. Substitute any of your favorite veggies or try one of the new H-E-B Stir Fry Kits: Sesame Ginger, Teriyaki or Sweet Heat Orange Peel. Our kits contain all the chopped vegetables and sauce you’ll need for a complete stir-fry. Find them in the refrigerated produce section.

Total Time: 25 Minutes
Calories: 270 per serving

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