Salt Block Grilled Steak

Turn familiar foods into a new and interesting experience with a Himalayan Salt Cooking Slab.  Watch Chef Scott grill H-E-B Prime 1 Ribeye Steaks seasoned with black pepper and a splash of red wine. The salt block adds the perfect level of natural flavor, no need to add any salt! Preheat the salt block slowly to avoid cracking for evenly distributed heat while grilling. No matter your experience level, we have handy how-to instructions and salt block recipes in our Himalayan Salt Block Cooking Guide.

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H‑E‑B Pepper Toppers Cherry Sweet & Spicy Himalayan Salt Block Cooking Guide
Hand-mined from the Western Himalayas, The Real Co. Himalayan Salt Cooking Slab is a must for any backyard. Put it directly on the grill (or in the oven) for an even heat distribution while you grill. Due to the block's lack of porosity, it transfers a milder level of flavor to your food than if you were using ground salt. See tips for serving, cleaning and storing your salt slab, visit our salt block cooking guide.
Salt Block Recipes: 
Salt Block Grilled T‑Bone with Crispy BBQ Onions Salt Block Roasted Asparagus Salt Block Grilled Salmon
Salt Block Grilled T-Bone
with Crispy BBQ Onions
Salt Block Grilled Asparagus Salt Block Grilled Salmon
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