H-E-B Slim Down Showdown
2017 Winners

On Saturday April 1, 2017, the H-E-B Slim Down Showdown awarded a total of $40,000 to two community contestants and two H-E-B Partner (employee) contestants who made the greatest gains in health improvement and fan engagement throughout the 12-week competition. Prior to the grand prize winner announcements, the 27 contestants strutted down the runway in a dramatic makeover reveal to show off their hard work.
The finale event was held in conjunction with the Alamo Run Fest & Alamo Expo, which featured a variety of free health offerings, fitness ideas, and free product samples. Families were treated to fitness activities throughout the day that helped emphasize the importance of daily activity and exercise. Expo attendees also enjoyed special appearances H-E-Buddy.

Hailing from all over Texas, the 27 contestants in this year’s showdown lost more than 840 pounds, logged more than 13 million steps (approximately 6,300 miles). They also wrote 882 blog posts and organized over 110 community events -- from food demonstrations to Zumbathons. The 27 participants strutted down the runway to deafening cheers from supporters at Saturday’s makeover reveal ceremony at the Alamodome.

Meet the Winners


 Becky Castro (Kingsville) – Female Partner Slim Down Showdown Winner ($10,000 prize) 
Becky Castro, an H-E-B cashier in Kingsville, earned the $10,000 Female Partner Grand Prize by improving her lipids by 44 percent, losing 19 percent of her visceral body fat and a total of 32.8 pounds. While engaging with her local community members through blog posts, she generated 3,241 comments, likes and shares.
“I feel so blessed. I came in as a depressed person, and I am coming out as the happiest person ever, with or without the money,” Becky Castro said. “Everything has changed. H-E-B saved my life.”

Albert Trevino (Brownsville) – Male Partner Slim Down Showdown Winner ($10,000 prize) 
Albert Trevino, a Business Center representative at H-E-B in Brownsville, claimed the $10,000 Male Partner Grand Prize by losing 17 percent body fat, dropping 39.6 pounds and receiving 8,106 comments, likes and shares on his blog posts.
“This whole journey has been incredible. The transformation isn’t just physical, I feel like a completely different person,” said Albert Trevino. “I started this journey for my kids, to be a good role model for them. My son told me on the drive here, ‘no matter what happens, you’re a winner!’”

Sara Sanford (Austin) – Female Community Slim Down Showdown Winner ($10,000 prize) 
Sara Sanford, an Occupational Therapist from Austin, won the $10,000 Female Community Grand Prize after losing 28.2 pounds, 14 percent visceral body fat, and improving her lipids by 25 percent. She also received 3,568 comments, likes and shares on her blog posts over the course of the competition. Upon hearing her name, her son was the first to congratulate her.

“My son is my motivation. He is the whole reason I am doing this and this $10,000 check is going into an account for him,” said Sara Sandford. “It took a lot for me to ask for help, but once I finally did, the rest was an easy ride with the family support I had. Without that accountability, it wouldn’t have happened.”
Daniel Avila (Brownsville) – Male Community Slim Down Showdown Winner ($10,000 prize
Daniel Avila, a Brownsville nurse, took home the $10,000 Male Community Grand Prize by improving his cholesterol by 20 percent and his visceral body fat by 55 percent. His overall health improvements helped him lose a total of 58.6 pounds – 23 percent of his initial body weight.

“When they called my name, I thought it was an April Fool’s joke. Albert and I are both from Brownsville. It made it that much sweeter – we became best friends through the contest – so for both of us to win, it’s amazing,” said Daniel Avila. “As a nurse, one of my biggest motives for doing this contest was to be able to be a true testament that it can be done and to show patients that within ten or twelve weeks you can change your numbers and turn your life around.”