Summer Fruits Guide

Summer Fruits

Delectable peaches, plums, berries and nectarines are in season and ready to be enjoyed at their peak ripeness! And they're just in time for a variety of delicious summer dishes—both on and off the grill. 


soft fruits



Blueberry Guide
Berry delicious! Find fresh Texas blueberries at your H-E-B Produce Department.


Strawberry Guide

See how to store strawberries and our favorite berry recipes.

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stone fruits



Peach Guide

See how to select, store and freeze peaches, plus grilled peach recipes and more.

See Peach Guide 



Nectarines are great for grilling. Or slice into wedges and add to a salad. 

See Nectarines & Recipes 


Plumcot Guide

Find a delicious variety of plumcots at your H-E-B Produce Department, available for a limited time.



Tart and sweet with so many ways to eat. Enjoy cherries fresh or freeze them for later. They're also great in marinades for meat and poultry dishes.

See Cherries and Recipes 


Texas melons



Texas Melons Guide

Learn about our melon varieties, different textures and see our featured recipes.