How To Clean Your House

A deep cleaning can give your home a rewarding sense of renewal. Streamline this ritual with tips on how to spiff up your house in less time. Start at the top and wipe down all surfaces in your home, from window sills and ceiling fans, to countertops and cabinets. We'll help you find the right cleaning solutions for any surface in your home. Grab the right supplies and conquer dirt and germs! 

H-E-B Guide to Clean

H-E-B Guide to Clean

Find the best cleaning solutions for every surface in your home. Visit our household cleaning guide to find the right supplies for the job.

Tidy Tip: How to Clean Granite

How to Clean Granite

Kick spring cleaning into full gear with three easy steps to clean and sanitize granite countertops to keep them sparkling!

Tidy Tip: 2-Day Spring Cleanup Plan

Easy Spring Cleaning Plan

Schedule a weekend, make a plan and get the whole family involved, even the kids can help! Use this spring cleaning plan to organize supplies and delegate cleaning duties. 

Tidy Tip: DIY Cleaners

DIY Cleaners

With just a few grocery-list additions and a couple of empty spray bottles, spring cleaning gets a homemade spin. Find easy ways to clean gunky build up on windows, dishes, the kitchen sink and fixtures.


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