Primo Picks Presents:
The Best of Texas Road Trip

Hop in and buckle up – we’re hitting the road tasting our way across H-E-B’s aisles and aisles of Texas! Join Bruce Bowen and us on a road trip of delicious proportions across the Lone Star State, getting a behind the scenes look at the Texas products you love and the Texans who create them.

From San Antonio to Slaton, Bertram and beyond, follow along here and on to get the front seat view of the local Texas products you love on the shelves of your H-E-B.





Mission, TX

Season 1, Episode 5: Dip It by Pilar


Dip It by Pilar

"I started Dip It in my kitchen using the flavors that I love – cilantro, jalapeño and chipotle. H-E-B has helped me grow and expand to share even more of these flavors across Texas."
– Pilar Gonzales
Pilar Gonzales first began selling her gourmet yogurt dips from her kitchen using her family’s recipes. Soon her new and exciting flavors of dips were in high demand amongst her tight knit community in Mission, Texas. After Pilar’s dips placed in Primo Picks Quest for Texas Best in 2015, H-E-B customers across the state came to know and love Dip It for its spicy, savory and creamy flavors that compliment a wide variety of Texas favorites – from breakfast tacos to burgers.

Dip it by Pilar
Dip it Recipes

Gourmet Yogurt Dip Recipes

"Dip It makes an easy, gourmet Mexican appetizer on its own, but I also love sharing how easy it is to use as a cooking sauce!"
– Pilar Gonzales
Dip It can be used as a dip or sauce to bring a variety of delicious, creamy Rio Grande Valley flavors to any of your favorite dishes.  


Episode 4: Slaton Bakery

"I love carrying on my family’s tradition with our famous vanilla wafer recipe. Now Texans all over can have a taste of Slaton through H E B."
– Chad Wilson
Our fourth stop took us to the small West Texas town of Slaton to visit the Wilson family at the historic Slaton Bakery. The bakery’s Homemade Vanilla Wafers are one of the Wilson family’s oldest recipes, bringing loyal customers to the storefront for decades. Learn more about Slaton Bakery products, try out recipes and hear the heartwarming family story behind these classic cookies in Episode 4 of the Best of Texas Road Trip.

Slaton Bakery
FUBAR story

Episode 3: F.U.B.A.R. Elite BBQ Sauce

"I want everyone in Texas to feel they can enter a barbecue competition, knowing that they can walk into H-E-B and find an award-winning sauce right there on the shelf."
– Dennis Butterworth
Episode 3 of our Best of Texas Road Trip brings us to Katy, Texas, home of Army veteran Dennis Butterworth. Dennis developed F.U.B.A.R. (For Use On Butts And Ribs) elite barbecue sauce in the trenches of Texas barbecue competitions, creating a prizewinning flavor that’ll knock your boots off. Learn more about F.U.B.A.R. Elite BBQ Sauce, check out F.U.B.A.R. recipes and ride along with us for our third road trip stop!  


Episode 2: Culinary Cowgirls

“I’ve seen small company products that H‑E‑B puts on shelves, and I thought – that’s it! I want to go!”
– Alex Worthington
On our second road trip stop, we met Alex and Alana, two Texas cowgirl chefs who had the idea to create an all‑natural queso during a Texas tailgate. Learn more about Culinary Cowgirls productstry out recipes and meet the cowgirls themselves in Episode 2 of the Best of Texas Road Trip.  

Culinary Cowgirls
Humble House

Episode 1: Humble House

"Honest food. Honest people. That’s what we stand by and that’s what we have to offer."
– Luis Morales
In Episode 1 of our Best of Texas Roadtrip, we meet Luis and Marsha: San Antonio natives and high school sweethearts driven by a passion for each other, quality food and their community. You can find out more about Humble House products, check out Humble House recipes, and watch their episode!