Meet Our Produce Growers

At H-E-B, our farmers are family. We appreciate all the hard work that they do to bring fresh produce from their fields to your table, so we're turning the spotlight on one of our featured growers:

H-E-B Bella Mandarins

H-E-B Bella Mandarins

H-E-B Bella Mandarins are sweet, juicy and fun to eat. These mandarin oranges stay longer on the tree before being picked—giving them a sweeter flavor.


Local Spotlight


Since we started in 1905, our mission to work with local farmers has been at the heart of what we do. Below are just a few of our local farmers that H-E-B has partnered with for years.

Creekwood Farms

It's been 30 years since the Beard family at Creekwood Farms, outside of Vidor, started their growing operation. This year alone, they plan to ship 30 tons of blueberries to H-E-B, which is great because blueberries are packed with antioxidants, including vitamin C. The Beards care about everything from the growing condition of their crops to the final taste. Every berry is sent on its way within a few hours of being harvested, so you're sure to have the freshest fruit at your table.

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Fikes Family Farm

Since the early 1990s, Mark Fikes and his family have grown squash for H-E-B from their homes in Fredericksburg. Not only do we keep coming back because of their homegrown squash business, but we also can't get enough of their tasty tomatoes from time to time. No matter your locale, the Fikes family is working hard to bring the very best crops from their garden to your kitchen—all year long.

Tenaza Farms

The folks at Tenaza Farms are devoted to growing the freshest certified-organic kale and beets there are to offer. Jed Murray, Mark Miller and Mike Ortiz began with artichokes in the Texas Valley, and since partnering with H-E-B, they've been able to expand their operations. We rely on them to provide us with organic crops such as lettuces, cucumbers, cilantro, and kale—the freshest ingredients for your juice or salad. Raise a glass!

J&B Farms

There's no produce item too big or too small for David Jones and his family at J&B Farms, outside of Hondo. Here you'll find everything from corn and green beans to cabbage, lettuce, and broccoli. Jones started his partnership with H-E-B in the early 1990s, growing green beans at our request, but he expanded to include sweet corn at the turn of the century—and if you've ever tasted the crisp green beans or super-sweet corn in our Produce Departments, you can likely thank him for his efforts. You can rest assured that if it's from J&B Farms, it's been harvested and delivered within 24 hours—and we're sure that you'll taste the difference.