How to Start Healthy Diet

New Year's resolutions aren't the only time you can start eating healthy and making beneficial lifestyle changes. They say that variety is the spice of the life. The same is true for healthy diet. Read about different diets like the Meditterean diet, learn how to read nutrition labels, print out meal plans and start eating proper portion sizes. 

2-Day Meal Plan

healthy meal ideas - 2 day plan
Check out 2-day meal with breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner, even dessert! See full recipes and ingredients.

Mediterranean Diet Pyramid

Research suggests that those who eat a Mediterranean live a longer, healthier life. See how to incorporate the some principles of the Mediterranean diet on to your plate.
Bowl Meals Under 400 Calories
Breakfast, lunch and dinner all under 400 calories bowl meals. 

5 Simple Substitutes for a Healthier Diet

5 Simple Substitutions
Discover 5 easy changes to your diet that will put you on the path to good health.

The Truth about Sugar

Find out how much added sugar you should be eating and where to find it. 

How to Read Nutrition Facts Panel

Learn about the nutrition facts panel and how to incorporate in those numbers into your daily diet. 

Healthy Snack Ideas


Just because you're on a diet doesn't mean that you should completely stop snacking. Learn how to snacks can improve and not derail your diet.

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Diet-Friendly Drinks

Did you know when you feel hungry, you may just be thirsty? Your brain can have trouble distinguishing between the two. Learn about ways to stay hydrated to stave off hunger.

Food Portion Size Guide

Larger and larger portion sizes could be contributing to an expanding waistline. The proper portion size is already at the palm of your hand. Find out what that means!

How to Select and Cook Lean Meats

how to cook lean meats

Watch H‑E‑B registered dietitian Stacy give tips on how to select lean beef, build a healthy plate and serve proper portion sizes.

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