Ham Guide

Holiday Ham Guide

With its succulent flavor, ham is a holiday favorite at many a table. See ham cooking tips, how to carve ham and answers to frequently asked questions.

How to Select, Heat & Glaze Ham

Find heating instructions and tips to prepare the perfect holiday ham.

Leftover Ham Idea: Brown Sugar Biscuits

Leftover Ham Idea: Hot Ham Pistolets

Brown sugar perfectly balances the salty flavors of ham and cheese in these light and flaky biscuits. For delicate, soft biscuits, try a mix of cake and bread flours.  

Learn How To Carve Bone-In Ham

How to Carve a Ham

Carving a bone-in ham is simple with this step-by-step guide.

Leftover Ham Idea: Jalapeño Turnovers

Leftover Ham Idea: Ham, Cheese & Jalapeño Turnovers

Roasted jalapeños and gruyere cheese bring major flavor to this easy leftover ham recipe. 

Ham Recipes

Find recipes for making a holiday ham, casseroles and recipes for brown sugar ham and cheese biscuits, ham and cheese turnovers, breakfast ideas and more.

Leftover Ham Idea: Hot Ham Pistolets

Try this easy recipe for a delicious way to serve leftover ham. You'll never go back to a regular ham sandwich.

H-E-B Ham Selection

This year, pick the best holiday ham. Choose from a wide selection of delicious spiral hams available in the Meat Market.

Ham FAQs

Have questions about your ham? Take a look at these frequently asked questions.