Kid-Friendly Citrus Snacks

Need more kid-friendly snack ideas? We're making some quick and easy snacks with citrus: chocolate-dipped mandarins, an orange spider and a citrus fish. Get the whole family involved in building their own spiders and fishget creative by adding your favorite fruit. Try raspberries or blackberries for the eyes, or pieces of coconut for the bubbles on the fish. Plus, it's a great way to add more fiber to the diet. Oranges have more fiber than any other fruit! Find more ways to add more fruits and vegetables into your diet

It's Citrus Season!
December - March is when you'll find the most varieties and best tasting citrus fruit, from blood oranges to big Texas grapefruit and tiny, snack-size mandarins. Learn more about citrus varieties on our Fresh Citrus Guide

Featured Citrus:

H-E-B Honey Drop Mandarins

Chocolate-Dipped Mandarins
Sweet & tangy H-E-B Honey Drop Mandarins are perfect for dipping in melted chocolate. For a decadent adult treat, dip mandarin segments in dark chocolate and sprinkle with coarse sea salt. 

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Navel Oranges

Kid-Friendly Creations:  "Orange Spider" and "Citrus Fish"
Use Navel oranges as the body & legs for your spider, or as scales for your fish. Navel oranges are typically called winter oranges. You'll be able to tell it apart from other varietals by its belly-button-like skin on the blossom end of the fruit. 

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