5 Ways to Flavor Your Brisket

how to add flavor to brisket

Get that smokehouse flavor at home by cooking your own brisket like the pros.

brisket rubs
Brisket rubs typically contain salt and a special blend of spices. You can purchase pre-made brisket rubs or make your own.
To make your own from scratch, follow first two steps on our Texas Smoked Brisket recipe.
The day before you plan to cook the brisket, apply a generous amount of brisket rub on all sides of meat and refrigerate overnight. The rub will not only enhance the flavor of the meat, but tenderize it as well.
brisket marinade
Similar to rubs, the meat should soak overnight in the marinade for maximum flavor absorption. 
smoking chips add flavor
Wood Chips
You can also mix up the flavor of your brisket by selecting different wood chips, or combining several. Learn more about wood chips in 7 Wood Chips to Try
sop for brisket
Like basting a turkey, sops are applied to the meat during the cooking process. Follow our recipe featured in Slow-Smoked Brisket Secrets article: mix one can of beer, with equal parts water and vinegar plus half a can of onion juice. 
brisket bbq sauces
BBQ Sauce
The cherry on top of a perfect brisket meal is the flavorful barbeque sauce. Make your own by following the first step in our Beef Ribs with Spicy Cola BBQ Sauce or purchase some our favorites on heb.com.

For even more brisket tips, view How to Cook Brisket Guide.

See our Beef Brisket Selection.

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