How to Clean Granite

Sparkly granite countertops are one of the easiest ways to kick spring cleaning into full gear. But what’s the best way to make them really shine and remove that matte film that looks like an Instagram filter gone wrong? It turns out: Soap, water, and just a little elbow grease will do the trick. Here, we share three steps to make your granite luster (any ‘ole time of the year).

Citrus Check

We’re all worried about pesky bacteria seeping into countertops and contaminating food to make us sick. But because granite is resilient, and if it has been properly sealed, those effects usually don’t take place unless there’s a problem at hand. While it shouldn’t be a routine worry, it’s smart to perform a quick “lemon juice test” if you expect something is wrong. Drip a few drops of lemon juice onto the counter and wait about 10 minutes to wipe away. If the spot begins to appear lackluster, your sealant may have worn off and it would be smart to get it checked out by a professional. However, if you see no change, that means your countertop is in pristine condition and is ready for the wipe down.

Best Suds
Best Suds

Granite countertops don’t love acidic DIY cocktail cleaners made of lemons and limes—they prefer old-fashioned cleaners. Start by filling your sink with warm water and dish soap. Using a sponge or washcloth, go over the granite until it has a bubbly, soapy coating. Wet a terrycloth towel or paper towel with warm water and go back over the same surfaces to remove the soap (which is the culprit to dull, dingy countertops). And follow with a dry version of the same towel, used in a circular motion with forceful pressure to make it really shine.

Make them Sparkle Make Them Sparkle

After all counters have been washed clean, use a granite cleaner to make them glossy. You can also use a mixture of equal parts rubbing alcohol and water. This mixture works to eat through the grime that sits on countertops to dull them, but won’t have a negative effect on the stone itself. Apply using either a spray bottle or a kitchen cloth dipped in the solution. 

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