DIY Cleaners

We’re living in the age of DIY, and when it comes to keeping our homes clean, we have all the ingredients at hand to make safe, effective cleaners that remove the grime and leave our rooms sparkly and fresh. With just a few grocery-list additions and a couple of empty spray bottles, spring cleaning gets a homemade spin. Below, we share our favorite fresh starts and how to get them.

Alternative method to clean windos Wanted: Crystal clear windows
What You’ll Need: Vinegar

While glass cleaners can keep our bathroom mirrors and screen doors sparkly, an at-home version proves just as effective and is easy to mix together. In a big spray bottle, combine equal parts apple cider vinegar and distilled water into a spray bottle and vigorously shake before every use. If you don’t like the smell of the tart vinegar, adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils (citrus notes like lime, grapefruit, and lemon blend best) can help to cut that smell.

Alternative method to clean appliances
Wanted: Like-new kitchen appliances and dishes
What You’ll Need: Salt

Whether you’re tackling stained coffee cups and wine glasses, frying pans with lots of gunky build up, or looking to keep the garbage disposal and refrigerator ultra-fresh, old-fashioned salt can help cut through grime to leave your kitchenware and appliances like new. The exfoliator of dish soaps, by combining salt with liquid dish soap to create a grainy paste, you can amp up its potency and ability to cut through grime on coffee and red wine rings or other hard-to-remove dish stains.

Likewise, by grinding ice cubes and salt in the disposal, you can remove the things that have built up and left a residue. And while we’ve all heard the adage that baking soda can help eliminate stinky odors in the fridge, by cleaning it with a saline solution first, you’ll eliminate surface odors that are harder to get rid of than tossing wilting lettuce.

Use Citrus to Clean Fixtures Wanted: Grime-Free Fixtures
What You’ll Need: Citrus

Polishing bathrooms and kitchen fixtures like faucets to rid them of water build-up and residue seems like a tall order, but it turns out that citrus is great at eating through the dulled water buildup to leave fixtures sparkling. Best yet? It’s as easy as using the excess lemons and limes that you’ve juiced for other recipes to get the effects. Simply rub the inside of a lemon or lime over the stainless steel and follow with a paper towel to shine them into shape.

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