Tailgating Checklist

Tailgating Must-Haves

In Texas, tailgating is as much a full contact sport as the game being watched—so make sure your tailgate stacks up. Don't fumble your chance to rock the lot. Make sure you pack these 20 must-have items.

Warning: Only serious tailgaters past this point.

  1. Foldable tables
  2. Hand sanitizer and toilet paper
  3. Large garbage bags
  4. Multiple coolers and plenty of ice
  5. Statistics to back up armchair quarter-backing and second-guessing the coach
  6. Cowboy boots
  7. Generator and electric fan(s)
  8. Lucky T-shirt
  9. School or state flag
  10. Official tailgating playlist
  11. Stereo system
  12. All the koozies you can find
  13. Pop-up canopy (with team logo and/or color)
  14. Junior-size football—for those who are less gifted yet highly enthusiastic
  15. Grill, smoker, deep fryer (preferably all three)
  16. Main course: It’s important not only to provide snacks but also a hearty main course like brisket or sausage
  17. TV
  18. Camping chairs
  19. Rain gear
  20. Designated parking spot sitter: Person who arrives at the tailgate spot up to 24 hours in advance to secure the preferred position