Our Commitment to Diversity


We take great pride in our diversity. This commitment isn't just corporate-speak — from employee recruitment to supplier registration, store locations to in-store product selection, diversity is integral to everything we do.

We're proud to share this commitment with our communities by sponsoring and volunteering in cultural events like the Martin Luther King, Jr. marches, Diez y Seis activities, and Juneteenth celebrations.

We also honor month-long observances like Black History Month (February), Women's History Month (March), and American Indian Heritage Month (November).

And we're never satisfied. We know we can do better — and we will. Because diversity is at the core of our business principles.


Diversity in our Workforce, Workplace, and Marketplace
We've always considered ourselves leaders in retail innovation and creativity. To maintain our leadership position, we must continually expand our understanding and application of diversity within our organization and the communities we serve. Our path to success is a strong commitment to diversity within our workforce, workplace, and marketplace.

Our workforce differs by race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, physical abilities, marital status, parental status, and in many other ways. We have a Partner-friendly organizational culture designed to develop the unique talents of each Partner and offer feedback consistent with each Partner's individual goals.

Our workplace is equally diverse and refers to the overall organization and function of the business units that make up H-E-B. These units include our divisions and regional areas; our Retail Support Centers; the Central Market Division; our Mexico Division; and the administrative and support areas such as Human Resources, Information Solutions, Marketing, Advertising, Procurement, and Finance.

Our marketplace diversity refers to the creation and support of new and diverse markets and the development of products or services to meet the needs of the consumers in those markets. We must understand and become sensitive to issues of culture, language, values, beliefs, holidays, and traditions if we are to stay committed to our Customer Promise: to provide a shopping experience that meets individual needs.

Diversity Sponsorship
We are proud to sponsor events highlighting diversity in our communities. Simply complete the online application form.

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