must try fall beers

Along with the changing weather, fall brings another change—seasonal beers! There is something for every beer lover—from pumpkin and spiced flavored ales to German-style Oktoberfest. Toast to the season and head to your H-E-B Beer Department for these must-try brews.*

Oktoberfest Style
What can you expect from an Oktoberfest beer? Typically, Oktoberfest beers are rich and full-bodied with a beautiful copper color and fantastic mild hops. Also known as Märzen style (March in German, the month the beer is brewed) beers, Oktoberfest beers are best enjoyed with grilled meats like poultry, seafood and sausage.

  • Brooklyn Oktoberfest - brewed from German malt and hops, this Oktoberfest is true to the style. This märzen has a deep amber color and tastes of honey, malt and toast.
  • Harpoon Oktoberfest - a full-bodied, smooth and malty beer with a garnet-red color. It has a balanced flavor of sweetness and hops.
  • Hofbräu Oktoberfest - a honey-gold lager brewed for the Munich Beer Festival. This rich and full-bodied beer pairs amazingly with Bavarian-inspired dishes like Oktoberfest Bierocks.
  • Leinenkugel's Oktoberfest - a bright orange beer with a rich flavor. Well balanced and smooth with a crisp flavor and mild bitterness.
  • Real Ale Oktoberfest - a Texas take on Oktoberfest, this brew is malty and sweet. Expect a heavy taste and light hops.
  • Samuel Adams Octoberfest - blended with five varieties of malted barley. The sweet flavor of caramel and toffee is balanced with bitter hops and roasted notes.
  • Shiner Oktoberfest - a favorite among international beer judges in Nuremberg, Germany. It's known for its slightly toasted and sweet flavors, along with the malty aroma and dry finish.
  • Warsteiner Oktoberfest - a smooth and festive beer with a golden-amber color and a delicate balance of hops and malty caramel flavors. Each sip ends with a clean and crisp finish.


Pumpkin Flavored
Pumpkin beers are a true staple of the season. They are infused with distinct autumn flavors like nutmeg, ground ginger, cloves, cinnamon and allspice. Brewed in a variety of methods, each pumpkin-brewed brand presents a unique concentration of flavor that ranges from a hint of pumpkin to bold taste.

  • Blue Moon Pumpkin Ale - brewed with the taste of vine-ripened pumpkin, allspice and cloves. Then, it's mixed with a touch of wheat. You can expect a smooth beer with a lightly spiced finish.
  • Buffalo Bill's Pumpkin Ale - made with baked and roasted pumpkins and spiced with cinnamon, cloves and brown sugar. This amber-style ale has been described as "pumpkin pie in a bottle."
  • Dogfish Head Punkin Ale - this smooth brown ale is brewed with pumpkin meat and organic brown sugar and spices. Pair this popular ale with turkey, roasted duck, lamb and stuffing.
  • Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat - The first seasonal ale from Shock Top, this is a light and refreshing take on pumpkin-flavored beer.


Brown Ales and Pale Ales
Like your favorite ale with a fall twist. Ranging from brown ales to pale ales, these fall beers go wonderfully with roast beef, smoked salmon and even spicy dishes.

  • Abita Pecan Harvest Ale - made with real Louisiana roasted pecans, this brown ale has a nutty flavor that comes straight from the source. Try Pecan Harvest ale with red meat or even Gouda cheese.
  • Anchor Steam Humming Ale - bold and full of hops. You'll taste hints of citrus and tart flavors before a crisp finish.
  • Sierra Nevada Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale - named after the tumbling leaves of autumn, this ruby-colored ale has a caramel and malt flavor that is mildly bitter and balanced.

*Beer selection varies by store. Check with your H-E-B for more details.