Homemade Easter Baskets

Easter basket Guide

Stuffed with trinkets and goodies, Easter baskets can be a fun and memorable tradition. The tricky part is finding just what you need. See our Easter Basket Guide for cool basket stuffers, treats, and non-candy ideas for all-ages. These affordable ideas will help you create the season's most cheerful and fun baskets.*

Child Easter Basket  

Child's Easter Basket Ideas
Personalize your child's Easter basket with these fun and creative ideas:

Toys & Trinkets:
  • Play-Doh, any color
  • Bottle of bubbles or sidewalk chalk
  • Colorful wind spinner or kite
  • Plush stuffed toy (perfect for cuddling and tea parties)
  • Play skillet with toy hamburger and H-E-B Ketchup
  • Dizzy Bunny toy with a whirling, twirling rabbit
  • Small toys, like Bunny Paratroopers or a paddle ball
  • New jump rope or frisbee
  • Favorite children's book
  • Plenty of cascarones (for ages 4+)

Snacks & Treats:
  • Easter eggs filled with jelly beans or assorted miniature candy. 
  • Carrot shaped cello bag filled with jelly beans, or Goldfish crackers. 
  • Russell Stover Chocolate Rabbit
  • Candy Eggs, like Reese's Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs
  • Pastel Easter M&M's
Teen Easter Basket  

Young Adult Basket
Baskets aren't just for your littlest ones. Give your pre-teen or teenager the coolest Easter goodies like:

Gifts & Games:
  • Small electronics: a pair of headphones or a new phone case
  • Frisbee, football, baseball, softball or basketball
  • Sport Sunscreen Lip Balm
  • Colored pencils or watercolors
  • Personal care items like hand sanitizer, body wash or a loofa
  • A few bright cascarones (confetti filled eggs)

Snacks & Treats:
  • Colorful and fun Easter candy, like Peeps
  • Salty Snack like H-E-B Whatafries®
  • H-E-B Original Cola with Pure Cane Sugar® in a bottle
  • Russell Stover Gold Bunnies (Dark or White Chocolate)
  • Candy Eggs, like Reese's Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs
Pet Easter Basket  

Furry Friend Easter Basket
Don't forget your furry friends! Send dog tails wagging and cats purring with these ideas for your pet:

  • Use a new food bowl for the basket
  • New pet toy: a loofa smiling dog toy, or Just for Cat's Gone Fishing toy.
  • Tennis balls for dogs
  • Ping pong balls for cats
  • Dog treats, like H-E-B Barkin' Bites®
  • Cat treats, like H-E-B Crunchy Catch®
  • New collar or leash

Now you've got the Easter basket. What about the eggs? Check out these cute egg decorating ideas 

* Selections vary by store.