H-E-B Roses: Passion for Perfection

H-E-B Roses:
Passion for Perfection

H-E-B's solid partnership with Passion Growers reaches back more than a decade and provides our customers with consistent quality and H-E-B's Freshness Guarantee—at an affordable price.

Why Bogota?   Why Bogota?
"It's very important that we find the best flowers at the best prices. That's why we work with Passion Growers in Bogota, Colombia. The reason the roses grow so great in Bogota is because it's equatorial—that means they have consistent weather conditions and great sunlight 365 days a year."

"There are many reasons why we have the best quality flowers that last longer. We do a lot of things to ensure our flowers are the freshest. It starts at the farm, with the growers doing the right things (like the right refrigeration and growing practices). We take those flowers and ship them in the best conditions and take care of them in-store, to ensure our customer receives flowers that will last a full 7 days."
-Joe Don, H-E-B Director of Floral

Why Passion Growers?   Why Passion Growers?
"We found at H-E-B, in order to have the best products at the best prices, it's better to build a long term relationship with those that we're working with. With Passion Growers, we've been doing business with them for over 20 years, that's longer than anyone else in Texas! That allows us to work with them to grow the best roses that our customers are looking for every day. We buy over 20 million roses a year from them—that's a lot of roses!"

"They're a lot like H-E-B; we care for our community in Texas. They care about their community. They have sustainable growing practices. Over 90% of the water they use to water the rose vines, is captured rain water. They grow with as few chemicals as possible. They support over 5,000 families with an on-site school and medical for their workers. They care for everybody, the same way that H-E-B does."
-Joe Don, H-E-B Director of Floral

Say it with Roses

Red roses are known universally as the lovers' rose. White roses send a message of loyalty.
Yellow roses send a message of friendship. Pink roses are considered feminine and refined. Orange roses express passion and excitement.