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H-E-B Donation
Policy and Guidelines

Apply for Support

At H-E-B our Spirit of Giving is a tradition that spans more than a century. We're happy to invest in our communities, because we're from here too.

Learn more about the H-E-B Donation Policy and how you can gain support for your organization.

H-E-B Donation Policies and Guidelines
  1. All donation requests must be submitted through our online application system.
  2. Organizations must have a valid non-profit status.
  3. Requests need to be received a minimum of 8 weeks before events, programs,
    activities, initiatives or projects begin.
  4. Donation requests must include all the information requested on the application.
  5. All organizations must re-apply for funds every year within our 8 week policy to
    be considered for funding - even if we have a long history of funding the
  6. When an organization requests an in-kind donation, such as one of our trucks,
    the same eight week policy rule applies.
  7. If a store receives a request that they are not able to provide funds for, they will
    send the organization to the on-line application site.
  8. If an organization submits a request less than eight weeks in advance, it is not
    likely that they will receive funding.
  9. Organizations may not ask more than one H-E-B facility for a donation for a
    particular event (for example, sending a request to multiple H-E-B stores).
  10. Funding approvals will be given to the non-profit through a written or verbal

What does H-E-B like to support?
The H-E-B Community Investment Program donates to non-profit organizations that operate within the immediate H-E-B marketing area. H-E-B favors making donations for activities, programs, projects, initiatives and events that make a visible and positive impact in the communities that we serve.

H-E-B may contribute cash, gift cards, product (in-kind donations) or volunteers depending on the need to organizations whose requests are approved. Causes we like to fund include:
  • Education and Literacy
  • Hunger Relief
  • Health Initiatives
  • Social Services
  • Environmental Programs
  • Diversity
  • Disaster Relief
  • The Arts

What is not funded through the H-E-B Donation System?
The following are events that H-E-B prefers not to sponsor:
  • Operating Expenses
  • School trips
  • Sporting events
  • Individuals
  • Team Sponsorships

More Questions? See our online application Frequently Asked Questions. Or you can contact your local Public Affairs Office.