Easter Games for Kids and Adults

Create a new Easter tradition with fun games for the whole family. These games are bound to get kids and even adults hopping around.

Jelly Bean Relay 
Supplies: jelly beans, bowl, masking tape, broomstick, hula hoop, sidewalk chalk, small plastic cup

  • Open up a bag of jelly beans and place them in a bowl.
  • Mark off the starting line and the finish line with masking tape.
  • Space obstacles along the route like a broomstick for limbo, a hula hoop, and a hopscotch court drawn with the chalk.
  • Write each player's name on a plastic cup.

How to Play:
  • Line players up at the starting line.
  • Scoop a cupful of jelly beans in each player's hands.
  • Have each player go through the course holding on to as many of the jelly beans as they can. To make it more challenging, have the older kids (and adults) bunny hop to each obstacle.
  • As each player completes the course, they should drop all the remaining jelly beans into their specific cup.
  • The player who manages to hold onto the most jelly beans at the end of the course wins.
  Jelly Bean Relay

Egg Pass 
Supplies: plastic cups, spoons, plastic eggs and masking tape

  • Mark off a three-lane course with masking tape.
  • Place a cup at the end of each lane.

How to Play:
  • Divide teams into groups of three or more.
  • Have each member of the team line up in a lane, standing shoulder to shoulder.
  • Give each player a spoon.
  • Give the player at starting line one egg and balance it on the spoon.
  • The objective of this game is to carefully pass the egg from teammate to teammate using only the spoon.
  • If the egg drops they must start over.
  • The first team to successfully transport their egg to the cup at the finish line wins.
  Egg Pass

Bunny Hop 
Supplies: cascarone eggs and masking tape

  • Mark off a start and finish line with masking tape.

How to Play:
  • Line up players near the start line.
  • Have each player carefully place one cascarone egg between their legs, slightly above the knees.
  • Each player must hop like a bunny to the finish line without crushing the cascarone egg.
  • If the player crushes the egg, he must head back to the starting line and try again with a new egg.
  • The first player to hop across the finish line wins!
  Bunny Hop

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt 
Supplies: plastic eggs, candy, clues: photographs, list of riddles, a treasure map, Easter baskets

  • Scope out your location and designate the final stop where players will find their Easter baskets.
  • Write clues, riddles or even take photos of each stop along the way. You can make your clues or riddles elaborate or simple (ex: find your next clue where the roses are red and the violets are blue). You may also choose to make a treasure map.
  • Fill your eggs with the clues and drop them off at each spot.
  • Designate one adult or big kid to keep watch at the finish line and give out baskets.

How to Play:
  • Gather the players at the starting point.
  • Choose a player as the clue reader or map holder.
  • Give the clue reader or map holder the first clue to get them started.
  • Monitor players on their search for their Easter baskets until they reach their final stop.
  Egg Hunt

Bunnies and Chicks 
Supplies: Open area or room

How to Play:
  • Divide participants into two groups: bunnies and chicks.
  • Have bunnies and chicks gather on separate sides of the room.
  • Have bunnies prepare to hop around, and chicks prepare to cluck and flap their wings.
  • On the count of three, let the players run free acting out their role.
  • If you're tagged by a member of the opposing team, you join that team and must act out your new role.
  • The team that has tagged all of the opposing team wins.
  Bunnies and Chicks Easter Game