Arctic Easter Eggs


Who doesn't love penguins? Bring one of the most popular zoo exhibits to your home for the spring holidays. Easter eggs are perfect for penguin disguises with their round bellies and waddling nature. Make a couple dozen and re-create the busy shores of Antarctica. They'd make a great centerpiece or even a funny Easter joke to keep some in the ice chest with your H-E-B sodas.

Materials Found At Your H-E-B

  • Jumbo, medium or small eggs

  • Bag of marshmallows

  • Orange construction paper

  • Black permanent marker

  • Elmer's glue

  • Black construction paper

How To Make It
1. Boil the eggs and let cool.
2. With the marker, carefully draw a big oval shape on the whole front of each egg. Color everything outside of the oval black.
3. Cut and fold small triangular pieces of orange construction paper into a beak. Make slightly bigger cut outs for feet.
4. Glue the beak and feet to appropriate places on the penguin-colored eggs; hold until dry and stable.
5. Use the marker to draw eyes on your PenEGGuins or use googly eyes if available.
6. Cut 2 paddle-like pieces of black construction paper to form wings.
7. Glue wings near the top of eggs, where black/white border meets, near upper curvature on both sides. Hold until dry and stable.
8. Rest PenEGGuins on a plate of marshmallows to portray an icy climate.

  • The smaller eggs are for baby PenEGGuins—these are optional.

  • Get creative with different color markers for eyes. Draw lashes and eyebrows to enhance the PenEGGuins' personalities.

  • Surround plate of marshmallows with bigger platter of water to really accentuate arctic effect.