Tamale Guide

Tamales are one of the original comfort foods—warm corn masa, a filling of seasoned meat and sauce, all tucked inside steamed, pliable corn husks. Tamales are as much a part of Texas holidays as family and football. Gather all your tamale supplies from essential ingredients to the Cocinaware tamale steamer.  

How to Make Pork Tamales

Watch H-E-B Chef Charlotte's step-by-step guide to make simple pork tamales.

H-E-B Tamale Selection

Tamale Selection

H-E-B offers a variety of ready-to-eat tamales—available at your H-E-B. They're ready to heat and serve.

Throw a Tamalada 

Roll up your sleeves and get ready for an all-day fiesta. Invite friends and family to make tamales from scratch.

Tamale Recipes

Find the perfect tamales recipe—from basic pork and chicken tamales to sweet dessert tamales.