Grilling Guide

Thrill of the Grill Event in stores March 7-20, 2018

Achieve grilling greatness with tips and tricks for your next BBQ. Get recipes, grilling essentials, grill times and temperatures and more backyard grilling ideas. Shop Grills, Coolers, Charcoal and more.

New Recipes for Grilling

New Grilling Recipes

Let's get grilling with delicious new recipes like Achiote Pork Chops and Grilled Corn with Avocado Butter!

Things You Didn't Think You Could Grill

Things You Didn't Think You Could Grill

Ignite your sense of grilling adventure with things you didn't think you could grill!  

How-To Grilling Videos

Watch Grilling Videos

Learn how to smoke brisket, quick steak toppings, 3 grilled chicken thigh recipes, 5 easy grilled appetizers, and how to fix common grilling mistakes.

Grilled Kabob Hacks

Prevent sticking, mess and add more flavor to your grilled kabobs all at the same time. 

Salt Block Cooking Guide

Find recipes to cook and grill veggies, meats and seafood on a Himalayan salt block. Plus helpful tips for serving, cleaning and storing it.


How to Grill Fruits and Vegetables

How to Grill Fruits and Vegetables

Find easy to grill fruit and vegetables, tips, and featured grilling recipes.

How to Grill Tropical Fruit

Grilled Tropical Fruit

It's sweet and easy! See ways to grill pineapple, mango, papaya and more.


Tutorial Video: How to Grill Salmon

How to Grill Salmon

Watch how easy it is to cook salmon on the grill. This recipe features a fresh cucumber- melon salsa, perfect for a weeknight dinner.

How to Grill Seafood

How to Grill Seafood

Find easy to grill seafood tips, recipes and deals. It's grilling reel easy.

Grilling Times & Temperatures for Steak

Steak Grilling Times & Temperatures

Find the right temperatures and cooking times to grill the perfect steak from H-E-B.

Salt Block Grilled Steak

Salt Block Grilled Steak

Chef Scott shows how to use a salt block to grill a H-E-B Prime 1 Ribeye Steak and fresh asparagus.

Top 10 Grilling Recipes

Top Grilling Recipes

It's grilling season! That means it's time to kick back and fire up. Watch how-to videos and browse a few of our favorite grilling recipes.

Looking for more grilling ideas? Browse all of our grilling recipes.