Fresh Citrus Guide

Citrus Season

Here in Texas, we are surrounded by a bounty of citrus options ranging from sweet to tart, so you are sure to find the perfect zip or zing for each dish. It's citrus season from December through March—this is when you'll find the bright greens, eye-popping yellows, and oh-so-lively oranges. Sink your teeth into this know-how about how to pick your fruit when it's freshest and how to prepare it with tasty recipes.

Citrus Varieties

See our wide selection of citrus varieties available at your H-E-B produce department.

Texas Grapefruit Guide

See our tips on how to select the best grapefruit, how to section a grapefruit, plus eight fresh grapefruit recipes.

H-E-B Bella Mandarins

H-E-B Bella Mandarins

H-E-B Bella Mandarins are sweet, juicy and fun to eat. These mandarin oranges stay longer on the tree before being picked—giving them a sweeter flavor.

Kid-Friendly Citrus Snacks

Kid-Friendly Snacks with Citrus

Make 3 fun and easy snacks for the whole family: chocolate-dipped mandarins, an orange spider and citrus fish.

How to Make and Use Citrus Salts

How to Make and Use Citrus Salts

See flavored salt combinations to liven up your favorite foods.

7 Easy Citrus Seasonings & Dressings

Easy Citrus Seasonings & Dressings

Enhance your entrées with tangy and tart citrus flavors.

Citrus Recipes

Citrus Recipes

Try these delicious citrus recipes. From breakfast to dessert, these tangy recipes are sure to please.