Beef Brisket Guide

Texans take a considerable amount of pride in how they make their brisket. Find recipes and cooking tips to make the perfect brisket.

How to Smoke Texas Brisket

How to Smoke Texas Brisket

Chef Scott shares tips and tricks to smoking the ultimate Texas brisket, how to prepare a dry rub, and how to set up the smoker.

Slow-Smoked Brisket Secrets

Learn barbecue techniques from 20-year barbecue specialist, Tommy Williamson.

5 Ways to Add Flavor to Your Brisket

Smoke brisket like the pros with rubs, marinades, wood chips and sauces to take your brisket to the next level. 


7 Wood Chips to Try

7 Wood Chips to Try

If you want to capture a taste that's really smokin', here's a handy guide to wood and its flavors

How to Cook Brisket - 6 Ways

Whether you grill or braise, this guide will have your brisket ready for a Texas-sized appetite.

Brisket Recipes and Leftover Ideas

Get your taste buds on one of our favorite Texan brisket recipes.

H-E-B Brisket Selection

Choose from a wide selection of fresh and fully cooked briskets available in the Market Department.

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