Thank you for your interest in participating!

H-E-B's e-Commerce team seeks your participation. Gaining insight directly from our customers is invaluable to our goal of making the experience on H-E-B's websites and mobile app something you'll love.

By signing up you might participate in a usability study, a focus group, or an interview. Research session may be at H-E-B's headquarters in San Antonio, or remotely online through your computer or mobile device.

You don't have to be a tech aficionado as we value input and opinions from customers with all levels of internet and mobile app usage. If you visit H-E-B's websites (,, or use the mobile app, we welcome your participation.

Start by submitting your full name and email address. A short questionnaire will be sent via email to you to gather additional information such as home residence location and best times of availability. All information you provide is kept confidential, secure, and will not be sold, distributed, or otherwise publicized outside of H-E-B.

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