Top 10 Grilling Tools & Accessories

Becoming a grill master? There's more to grilling than marinades and sauces- it takes the right tools to grill like a pro. Here are 10 of our favorite essentials for serious backyard grilling. Try these handy and affordable tools and gadgets to help you grill to perfection. These make great gifts too! 

Sear 'N Smoke Silicone BBQ Gloves Sear 'N Smoke® Silicone BBQ Gloves
Great for the hands on grilling. Use these gloves to safely reach, grab and turn anything from ribs to hot potatoes. The silicone offers both maneuverability and protection for serious grillers.
H-E-B Mesquite Grilling Logs H-E-B Mesquite Grilling Logs
Want to sound the dinner bell without making a noise? Nothing brings hungry tummies around the grill like the aroma of mesquite—and our mesquite grilling logs won't disappoint. 
Sear 'N Smoke Grilling Tool Set Sear 'N Smoke® Grilling Tool Set
Flip, poke, slice and handle anything that comes your way with the Sear 'N Smoke® Grilling Tool Set. At such a low price, you can buy an extra set to take on the road or to the next tailgating event. 
Texas Jalapeño Grill Rack Texas Jalapeño Grill Rack
You'll never again lose those jalapeño poppers. The Texas Jalapeño Grill Rack securely holds onto everyone's favorite Tex-Mex appetizer and ensures that each pepper gets just enough heat. 
Sear 'N Smoke Corn Grilling Basket Corn Grilling Basket
Making beautifully roasted corn on the cob just got a lot less tricky with a non-stick corn grilling basket. Brown each kernel without chasing the corn from one side of the grill to the other. 
H-E-B Fish Grilling Planks 2 pks., cedar or alder wood Fish Grilling Planks 
Grill your fish to perfection using cedar or alder wood grilling planks. The natural aromas give your seafood that smoky grilling flavor. 
Cooked Perfect Thermometer "Cooked Perfect" Thermometer
Avoid releasing the savory juices and flavors of your meat by cutting into it too soon. And you'll never worry about serving undercooked poultry again. 
Sear 'N Smoke Kabob Basket
Kabob Baskets
Grill kabobs to perfection with this no-fuss basket. Turning and keeping kabobs in place is now hassle free. 
Texas Style Borracho Chicken Cooker Texas Style Borracho Chicken Cooker
Try out your favorite beer can chicken recipe using this double barrel chicken cooker. (We like Matt's Tandoori Beer Can Chicken recipe.)
It can store an extra can for more flavors, or an extra chicken for more servings. 
Sear 'N Smoke Non-Stick Grilling Bowl
Sear 'N Smoke® Non-Stick Grilling Bowl
Never risk losing a tasty morsel through the grill gate again. This non-stick grilling bowl is perfect for infusing every bit of your meal with great taste.
Want more than just accessories? Check out all of our great grilling tips and tricks while you're here.

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