Steak Seasoning Ideas

Steak Rubs

Make a steak rub the day before, apply on the steak to let the flavors soak in overnight. Steak rubs also work well with applied during the cooking process. 

Lemon Rosemary Rub


Use to season tender steak such as top blade, shoulder, chuck eye, top sirloin, T‑bone, rib eye and strip loin.


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Texas Herb Rub


Full of earthy flavors like oregano, thyme and paprika, this is great for all steaks. Make a large batch and keep on hand.  


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Pepper Herb Rub
Use to season roasts or steaks, this pepper rub is filled with sage, basil and lemon pepper. 



Steak Butters

Steak butters are typically compound butters, meaning a butter mixture with one or more ingredients. These butters are added on top of the steak after it's completed cooking to add a rich, velvety flavor to the steak. 


Blue Cheese Walnut Butter Steak


Blue cheese fans will devour this recipe. A little bit of nutty flavor from the walnuts and a whole lot of cheese notes from blue cheese, this butter turns steaks from good to great. 


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Brown Butter Truffle Steak


Brown butter is toasted butter. The toasting process creates a delicate nutty flavor. Add truffle salt and enjoy decadence.


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Steak Sauce

Traditioanlly made of vinegar and seasoning, steak sauces help add mouth-watering flavor to steak. 
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