How to Cook with Wine

How to Cook with Wine

Wine is a cooking essential. Whether you’ve got a glass on hand to sip while dinner is simmering or have a recipe that calls for a crisp white or full-bodied red, it adds bold flavor to dishes and makes getting to the table all the more enjoyable. But what if you’ve got a bottle on hand that you just need to finish off? What if you need the perfect touch to a salad or sauce? You’re in luck! Here, we parse out the very best ways to use old wine and what’s what with marinades, vinaigrettes, and just how long to keep it on hand.


Keeping Time

Most wines are good on average from one to five days, but it’s important to think about what wine you’ve got on hand to understand how long it will keep. Most sparkling wines lose their fizz after one to two days so make sure to use them all up first. Red and white wines will stay good for up to five days, but make sure to store them in either a cool place or in the refrigerator depending on your preferences. While it’s perfectly fine to open a new bottle for your chicken marsala, cooking with old wines is an easy way to use them up.



Making the Marinade

While many of us are accustomed to adding wine to meat dishes, many marinades and dressings get their oomph by adding a splash of vino. Take a pan sauce, which makes a perfect compliment to beef or chicken: After you’ve sautéed your meat, pick up the flavored bits left in the pan by deglazing it with wine. Then, add a stock to make a reduction and pour over your protein to pack it with amped-up flavor.


Recipes with Wine:

Easy Red Wine Vinaigrette
The Salad Dressing
A tangy red-wine vinaigrette cut with dijon mustard gives salads a light, refreshing glaze.
Pork Loin in Cherry Wine Reduction
The Cherry Wine Reduction
Make pork loin ultra-flavorful by adding an out-of-the ordinary glaze to bring out the full flavor.
Flavor Rocket White Wine Baste
Flavor Rocket White Wine Baste
The name says it all: help chicken and turkey blast off with this super easy to make marinade. Whether you grill, bake, or sauté your protein, the whole gang will think it’s out of this world!

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