How to Cook Catfish

Catfish is a southern classic. Whether fried, grilled, baked or sautéed, you can't go wrong. Not only a great value, catfish is a great source of protein. See cooking tips and recipes below:


How to Know When Catfish is Done:

  • Cook fish until opaque and flakes easily with a fork

  • Instant read thermometer reads an internal temperature of 145°F


Catfish Cooking Techniques:

Fried Catfish

The classic southern way to cook catfish, frying creates a crunchy crust and moist fillet. After dredging the fillets in flour and cornmeal, place them in a skillet of hot oil to create a nice golden brown crust.


Pro Tip: Select an oil with a high smoke point, like vegetable oil or peanut oil, to prevent the oil from burning.


Baked Catfish

All the fried flavor but in the oven. Prepare catfish as you would to fry, using evaporated milk to help the crust stick to the fillet, then place in hot oven (500°F) to seal in the flavor. This recipe uses corn flakes cereal for an added crunch.


Pro Tip: Don’t overcrowd the baking sheet, it will make the breading soggy and fish cook unevenly. Instead, cook large amounts in batches.

Sautéed Catfish

Sautéed catfish cooks in minutes and is wonderful for an easy weeknight meal. Use lemon juice or vinegar to amp up the flavor.



Grilled Catfish

Another lower fat option compared to frying, grilled catfish is light and flavorful. Use thinner fillets of catfish so you will not have to flip them over during the cooking process.


Pro Tip: Grill on grilling mesh or pan to prevent the fish from falling through the grates.


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