H-E-B Brisket Selection

H-E-B has the largest selection of brisket in the world. With a wide array of options for competitive chefs to backyard cooks, H-E-B has the brisket you're looking for.


Cuts of brisket
Brisket may be purchased whole or split, trimmed, or packer style (fat cover intact)—and in sizes from four to 18 pounds. Plan for two servings per pound when purchasing untrimmed briskets and three servings when purchasing trimmed briskets.

prime 1 brisket
Fresh USDA Prime Briskets
  • Highest quality USDA Prime Brisket with superior level of fat marbling and flavor
  • Used by chefs in professional brisket competitions
natural brisket
Fresh USDA Natural Angus Briskets
  • Naturally raised without additional antibiotics or preservatives
Fresh USDA Choice Briskets
  • Hand-trimmed by H-E-B Meat Market Partners
  • Available whole, bone-in and center cut
H-E-B Fully Cooked Brisket
Ever wonder why our fully-cooked briskets taste like they're straight off the pit? That's because they are! They are pit-smoked for 18 hours with natural hardwood, right here in Texas. Choose from Hickory Smoked, Mesquite Smoked and Pecan Smoked.
King Ranch Pit Smoked Seasoned Texas Brisket
  • Exclusively sold at H-E-B
  • Hand‑rubbed, moist & tender

We also offer Kosher brisket, brisket chunks, navel brisket and braising strips. After you've selected your meat, check out our guide to slow-smoked brisket, featuring tips and advice on smoking brisket. 


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