Creative Meal Ideas for Turkey Leftovers


Storing Turkey Safely
Leftovers are a delicious bonus from big holiday meals, but only when they are safely tucked away. Food must be refrigerated within two hours after the meal and should be used within three or four days. In the freezer, leftovers are safe for three to four months. Food will cool more quickly in smaller portions, so you'll want to cut whole roasts, turkeys or hams into chunks or slices. To enjoy the bounty later on, cover and reheat until the food temperature reaches 165 degrees–then enjoy!
Creative Leftover Turkey Recipes
Turkey sandwiches may be the mainstay of your holiday leftovers, but you don't have to stop there. Our H‑E‑B Chefs are here to help you reinvent leftover turkey into unique and tasty meals to enjoy days after the holiday.
Turkey Soups
When you're hungry for comfort food, cook up a pot of steamy soup. Try these flavorful soup recipes.
Gobbling Good Turkey Leftover Sandwiches
Do you still want a turkey sandwich? Go ahead! Build a better‑tasting sandwich with these turkey sandwich recipes. They're easy to whip up and take the leftover bird to a new level of deliciousness.

While you're here, don't miss out on the full H-E-B guide to Thanksgiving cooking and party planning.


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