H-E-B Rib Roast Selection

Bring joy to your table with a rib roast from our H-E-B Meat Market. There's an assortment of custom cut rib roasts available for pre-order. Ask our H-E-B Certified Meat Cutters for more details.


We offer a line of high-quality beef—select one of these popular rib roasts and see how to roast the perfect prime rib.

  H-E-B Prime 1 Rib Roast
Selected from the top 2% of all U.S. beef. It's well marbled and aged for a minimum of 14 days to bring out maximum tenderness and juiciness, which is the hallmark of a truly amazing rib roast.
  H-E-B Natural USDA Choice Rib Roast
Black angus beef that's raised hormone and antibiotic free, plus the cattle has been vegetarian fed.
  H-E-B USDA Select Rib Roast
A great cut of meat at a value price.

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