H-E-B Lobster Selection

Choose the best lobster for your meal. H-E-B has a variety of lobsters available in the H-E-B Seafood Department. Plus, see our recipe ideas on how to boil lobster, how to grill lobster and how to crack lobster. (See all lobster tips.)

Coldwater Lobster Tails

  • Harvested in the clean, cold waters off New England and the maritime provinces of Canada.
  • Our premium North Atlantic lobster tails are renowned for their sweet, tender meat.
  • Lobster tails can be baked, stuffed, broiled, grilled or steamed.

Cooked Whole Lobster

  • Pulled from our live system and steamed fresh daily.
  • Ready to eat chilled or steam for an additional 2 minutes to eat hot.
  • A live lobster that has been cooked can lose approximately 20% of its weight through both moisture and weight loss.

Live Lobster

  • Known as American or Maine Lobster, inhabit the Atlantic waters from New England to Canada.
  • Our live hard shell lobsters come trucked direct to Texas, in their natural seawater, giving us a strong, healthy lobster of the highest quality.

Cooking instructions:

  • Boil or steam one pound of lobster 8-10 minutes. Watch how to boil lobster
  • Cook an additional 2 minutes for each additional 1/4 pound of lobster.
  • Add sea salt to water for taste.

Tip: Ask the H-E-B Seafood Department to perfectly cook a live lobster for you!


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