Fresh and Healthy Meal Ideas

Eating healthy as a family is easier than you may think. Here's three healthy (and super easy!) recipe ideas with fresh ingredients from our produce department. Who says it's expensive to eat healthy?

Citrus Chicken & Veggie Salad Citrus Chicken & Veggie Salad
Salads don't need to be an "adult thing". Your kids will love this colorful salad packed with veggies (The shredded zucchini looks like cheese!) and a hint of sweet citrus flavor.
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Citrus Chicken & Veggie Wrap Citrus Chicken & Veggie Wrap
While you're tossing the family's dinner salad, prepare this wrap recipe for the next day's lunch. Serve with one tangerine and handful of H-E-B Snax Healthy Crunch Trail Mix on the side. Then toss them in lunch boxes for school and off to work.
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Simple Texas Side Salad Simple Texas Side Salad
There's no need to let the rest of that romaine go to waste. A side salad is a great way to pack in some extra nutrition for dinner. You might serve this along with a no-fuss roasted deli chicken.
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