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Sweet, tangy and juicy, there's nothing quite like a fresh citrus fruits. On their own or mixed in with your favorite dishes, they're a great way to squeeze extra flavor into your day. Even better, with all the varieties you have to choose from, trying something new is deliciously easy.

Neapolitan Tangerines
Small, sweet, seedless and easy to peel.

Cross between Tangelo and Clementine with a rich, full taste.

Try this: mix into a salad with jicama and cilantro.

Cocktail Grapefruit
The Grapefruit of your dreams...barely tart with no sugar needed.

Clean, sweet, refreshing flavor of this pummelo/mandarin hybrid.

Try this: whisk juice with mustard and oil for salad dressing or make a sorbet, sherbet or granité.

Uniq Fruit
Under its loose and bumpy skin, the Uniq fruit combines the refreshing taste of a grapefruit with a hint of tangerine.

Remarkably juicy; flavorful change to freshly squeezed Orange and Grapefruit Juice.

Easy to peel; eat like a tangerine or cut in half like a grapefruit; great in salads.

With a taste of apricot nectar, Clementines are a favorite snack.

Seedless and easy to peel.


Cara Cara Oranges
With Vitamin A, fiber and lycopene, Cara Cara Oranges pack a nutritional punch.


Small Texas Grapefruit
For peak flavor, Small Texas Grapefruit are left on the tree to ripen.

Perfectly sized for lunches and snacks.


Dancy Tangerine
Fresh watermelon flavors and a tart plum finish make the Dancy Tangerine a favorite.


Meyer Lemon
With their sweet taste and low acidity, Meyer Lemons are great for lemon-based desserts.

Key Lime
The Key Lime's unique aroma makes it ideal for many recipes.


Minneola Tangelo
Cross a grapefruit with a tangerine and get a Minneola Tangelo. Yum!

Excellent source of vitamin C.

Small Navel Orange
The Small Navel Orange gets its name from the belly button like formation on the blossom end.

Makes a great snack.


Texas Grapefruit
A larger sized bag of Texas Grapefruit gives you more for your money.


Packed with vitamin C, Pummelos have a sweet almond-like aftertaste.


Blood Oranges
Blood Oranges have a deep maroon interior with few seeds.

Plum flavor with hints of raspberry.





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