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Beef brisket is a Texas BBQ favorite and one of the most searched recipes on It can be difficult to achieve a perfectly cooked brisket, and you will find many ways to prepare it: braising, baking, smoking, grilling, and any combination of those techniques.

Browse our BBQ brisket recipes and decide which you would like to prepare, then find ideas for any leftovers. If you're looking for a less ambitious route, H-E-B also sells fully-cooked briskets for a delicious and easy BBQ dinner. 


Texas Smoked Brisket How-To Video: Texas Smoked Brisket Recipe
H-E-B Chef Scott shows you step-by-step how to smoke Texas brisket. The secret to this authentic Texas brisket is a bit of cumin and smoked paprika. Low and slow is the trick behind this backyard BBQ favorite.

Mustard Coated Brisket

Mustard-Coated Brisket from Boerne
A departure from barbecue, glazed with mustard and brown sugar, this easy German-influenced, stove top brisket bursts with pleasing flavor.

Oven roasted brisket

Oven Barbecued Brisket from San Antonio
Marinated overnight for smoky flavor, this tried-and-proven, oven-braised recipe has been passed from home to home for decades without complaint.

Sweet & Spicy Brisket

Sweet & Spicy Brisket
Try this recipe for brisket that's sweetened with brown sugar and spiced with cumin, cloves and paprika. After two hours in the smoker, cut down on cooking time by moving the brisket to the oven until it reaches an internal temperature of 250°F.
Oven Roasted Beer Brisket
Oven Roasted Beer Brisket
​Marinate your brisket overnight with beer and brisket rub, then bake at 325°F for 1½ - 2 hours. This recipe is rated 5 stars from reviewer Alexis. She says, "This is truly delicious. So easy to put in the oven early & ready in time for dinner."  

What to do with Leftover Brisket:
After your barbecue is over, it can be a challenge to transform leftovers into a new meal. Here's a few creative ideas to get started: 

  • Hearty beef brisket quesadillas, try a spicy jalapeño Jack cheese
  • Top baked potatoes with brisket, salsa and cheese
  • BBQ Brisket Pizza
  • Flautas, tacos, burritos, enchiladas
  • Serve with huevos rancheros or add to an omelet with onions and peppers
Oven-Baked Brisket Flautas Texas Brisket Flameado Dip BBQ Brisket Soup

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