7 Wood Chips to Try for Grilling and Smoking

Sweet or smoky, fruity or herbal, each wood imparts its own unique flavor.

If you want to capture a taste that's really smokin', here's a handy guide to wood and its flavors.
Sweet to strong smoke flavor; good for pork, beef, ham,
brisket, and ribs.
mesquite chips Mesquite
A Texas favorite with a strong earthy flavor; good for beef, burgers, pork, poultry, vegetables, and fish.
pecan smoking chips
Lighter version of hickory, bacon-inspired flavor that is sweet and mild;
good for beef, steak, poultry, and game birds.
cherry smoking chips

Fruity smoke flavor and subtly sweet; good for beef, pork, lamb, burgers, poultry, and ham.

alder smoking chips
Delicate smoke flavor and subtly sweet; good for poultry, fish, pork,
and small game birds.
oak smoking chips
The most versatile of the woods; heavy smoke flavor; good for beef, brisket, ribs, fish, and heavy game.
apple smoking chps
Fruity smoke flavor and slightly sweet; good for poultry (turns skin dark brown), pork, game birds, lamb, and ham.


Spice up your wood

Add dried or whole versions of any of these herbs and spices:

  • Rosemary: herbal scent
  • Cloves: fragrant and simple
  • Anise: sweet
  • Cinnamon: sweet, great with fish

Find more griling tips, view our Grilling Guide.


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