Cage Free Eggs

H-E-B is the largest seller of cage-free eggs in Texas, offering cage-free options in every store.

Eggs are an important and affordable source of protein for many Texans and H-E-B works closely with our egg farmers to ensure eggs are affordable and hens are kept in a safe, sustainable environment.

At H-E-B, we understand the high standards our customers, communities and suppliers have come to expect from us. We work with the best minds in the industry, utilizing the best academic research and the expertise of government agencies and non-governmental organizations to continuously improve animal welfare across all categories, including eggs.

With the help of these experts, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure animal safety and welfare, while at the same time delivering egg availability and affordability for Texas families, including supporting the Texas WIC program, important to many mothers and children across Texas.

We recognize that the transition costs for our egg farmers to migrate to cage-free systems are significant and will require time to implement. H-E-B will continue to work closely with suppliers to move toward 100% cage-free eggs by 2025, provided we have adequate supply, sufficient consumer demand and pricing is affordable for our customers.