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Carve Turkey Like a Pro

Whether you carve privately in the kitchen or in front of a live audience in the dining room, try these easy pointers to make you look like a true professional.


Before you get started, present the turkey with simple garnishes. Use a variety of fresh herbs at the base. Star anise and cinnamon sticks can add variety and texture. Add some fruit: crab apples, pomegranates, kumquats, grapes, and sliced figs can help make a stunning platter.


Now you're ready to carve.


Step 1 1. Start with the leg portion. Cut through the skin around the leg. Use the flat side of the knife to push the leg away from the body, exposing the hip joint. Cut through the joint and remove the drumstick and thigh.
Step 2 2. Cut the thigh and drumstick apart at the joint. To carve meat from thigh and drumstick, cut parallel to the bones. Remove any tough tendons on the drumstick.
Step 3 3. Hold turkey breast firmly on cutting surface with fork. Place knife parallel and as close to wing as possible. Make deep cut into breast cutting towards ribs. This makes a base cut. Each breast slice will stop at this horizontal base cut.
Step 4 4. Slice breast by carving downward, ending at base cut. Keep slices thin and even.


Tip: Carve only what you need. Turkey keeps best if unsliced

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