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40 Days of Flavor: Week 2: March 12-18

Enjoy flavorful seafood and meatless meals during 40 Days of Flavor at H-E-B. Whether you are observing the Lenten season or just looking to add more seafood to your diet,
H-E-B has delicious ideas, tips, deals and recipes for you and your family.

Day 8: March 12
Recipe: Pan Seared Shrimp with Wilted Citrus Kale

Pan Seared Shrimp with Wilted Citrus Kale

Celebrate spring with the bold flavors of citrus combined with shrimp and vitamin-packed kale, a mild flavored cabbage. Seared and spiced just right, this recipe is a perfect dinner to start your week.

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Day 9: March 13
Tip: Kale Cranberry Pepita Salad

Kale Cranberry Pepita Salad

Get colorful and delicious Kale Cranberry Pepita Salad in the H-E-B Deli. Healthy food favorite, kale, tossed with sweet dried cranberries and (pepitas) pumpkin seeds, and a hint of ginger makes an easy ready-made addition to your family dinner table.

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Day 10: March 14
Did You Know? Portabella Mushrooms

Portabella Mushrooms

Portabellas are large mushrooms with tan or brown caps measuring up to 6 inches in diameter. With a deep flavor and texture they can be grilled, roasted or broiled and used in a variety of recipes. Because they have a hearty taste they can be used as a vegetarian alternative for "burgers" on buns.

Day 11: March 15
Recipe: Festive Portabella Tacos

Festive Portabella Tacos

Try a new twist on the traditional taco with the meaty, rich flavor of portabella mushrooms, pica de gallo, salsa and guacamole wrapped in corn tortillas. Fast and easy to make, these unique tacos may just become your new favorite!

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Day 12: March 16
Tip: H-E-B Garden Salad with Marinated Shrimp

H-E-B Garden Salad with Marinated Shrimp

Made with mixed greens, sliced cucumbers, matchstick carrots and champagne sweet tomatoes, you can find this delicious entrée salad at your H-E-B Deli.

Day 13: March 17
Recipe: Sugarless Capirotada

Sugarless Capirotada

Capirotada, is a traditional Mexican dish similar to bread pudding and often enjoyed during Lent. This recipe is sugarless and chock-full of apples, raisins and nuts.

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Day 14: March 18
Recipe: Stuffed Poblano Peppers with Avocado

Stuffed Poblano Peppers with Avocado

Looking to eat more fish? This recipe combines Tilapia with couscous and avocados, baked in poblano peppers for a Mexican-style entrée full of flavor.

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40 Days of Flavor: Week 2: March 12-18