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Produce: Soft Fruits

A variety of soft fruits are now in season at your neighborhood H-E-B Produce department. Available for a limited time, so get them now before they're gone!







A Plumcot, a sweet treat that comes in a variety of colors & flavors.


Family Tree Plumogranates are a sweet source of antioxidants.


White Flesh Nectarines are extra sweet.


Cross the taste of a nectarine with a twist of mango & get the Mango Nectarine.


Ranier Cherries are prized for their superior sweetness. They’re the premium pick of the crop.


Hood River Cherries are left to ripen on the tree longer for extra sweetness.


Cherry Plums are big, bold and delicious. They start off sweet and spicy then finish with a gentle kiss of tartness.


Texas Peaches are ripened on the tree for sweetness then handpicked & packed.


Saturn and Galaxy Peaches are known for their flat shape. They pack out of this world flavor!


Peach Pie Peach–so amazing, it’s named after the Pie! Don’t let the shape fool you, the Peach Pie Peach is overflowing with juicy goodness.


Apricots capture the sweet flavors of summer!


Black Apricots with their burgundy exterior, are prized for their tropical flavor & high sugar content.


Featured Soft Fruit Recipes:

Grilled Mediterranean Stuffed Apricots

Peach and Mozzarella Stacks

Grilled Peach
and Feta Salad

Peach and
Watermelon Salsa

You'll always find the freshest fruits and vegetables on display at your H-E-B. We're so confident in our produce that we offer a 100% Freshness Guarantee on every produce item you purchase. If your fruits and vegetables aren't completely fresh, ripe, and delicious, we'll be happy to replace your item or offer you a full refund.

How do we keep it so fresh?
First, we stock your H-E-B with produce grown in Texas. So your fresh fruits and vegetables go from field to store in less than 24 hours. Then we host a range of temperature and humidity environments to guarantee that every piece of produce is stored in its optimal climate. And just to be sure, H-E-B partners inspect our produce in the field and on the shelf multiple times daily.

You'll also find a Texas-sized selection of certified organic produce—from just-picked berries and broccoli to bagged salads.

Plus check out exclusive products like H-E-B Salad Dressings and Green to Go Salads, vegetables, and guacamole.