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Primo Picks — Great Finds at H-E-B

Primo Picks are unique, tasty and cool products you may never have heard of or tried before. We've searched the world for one-of-a-kind products. Look for Primo Picks shelf tags in store. Some supplies limited, so get them while we got them!

Celebrate this holiday with appetizing foods like our H-E-B Natural Lamb, H-E-B Prime 1 Rib Roast, tamales and more! Plus see our "Texas Best" winners and delicious recipes. Find them at your H-E-B store and bring home these delicious and flavorful picks.

While turkeys and hams may be the tradition, foodies think a perfectly cooked leg of lamb, with its consistently mild and buttery flavor, can trump them both. Our H-E-B Natural Lamb is USDA Choice and American raised without any antibiotics or hormones. And if you're unsure of preparation, we highly recommend the Herb Marinated Leg of Lamb recipe.

H-E-B Prime 1 Rib Roast is selected from the top 2% of all U.S. Beef. It's well marbled and aged for a minimum of 14 days to bring out maximum tenderness and juiciness, which is the hallmark of a truly amazing rib roast.

This holiday, it's Prime Time to dine with a Rib Roast in our market.
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H-E-B went on a quest—a Quest for Texas Best, that is. We searched high and low for the best food and beverages Texas had to offer. Submissions came from far and wide, 128 towns across the state, and yielded a tasty mix of jams, butters, cookies, spices, sauces, beers and meats. That's a lot of deliciousness to take in, but our expert panel of judges handled it with panache as entries were judged on flavor, appeal and uniqueness. Nanette Watson's Frio Farm Artisan Extracts was named "Texas Best." Nanette is based along the Frio River in Concan, Texas, and creates her extracts the old fashioned way—with patience, care and authenticity.

Prized for their full, rich flavor and incredibly smooth aroma, Frio Farm Artisan Extracts are all made by hand with quality ingredients. Just one taste and it's easy to see why these extracts took top prize for H-E-B Primo Pick's Quest for the Texas Best. Nanette Watson, owner and head chef at Frio Farm, selected her favorite recipes that feature her extracts to share with you this holiday season.

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Texas palates are sure to love this hearty new twist on the jalapeño popper.
One of H-E-B's Quest for the Best Finalists, Western Grillers' Armadillo Eggs are jalapeños stuffed in a BBQ seasoned chicken tender and hand-wrapped in savory bacon. Originally made for tailgate and camping events by a group of fun-loving guys in Hughes Springs, Texas, the group decided to enter them into Quest for the Best after so many people raved about their flavor. Made with only the freshest of ingredient, these tasty bites are a perfect way to add some spice to your holiday party.

Singer and songwriter Robert Earl Keen is pure Texas and so is his Yardbird Bloody Mary Mix. This Quest for the Texas Best Finalist mingles chilies, garlic, tamarind and wasabi for tongue-tingling results. Low on vodka or tomato juice? Not a problem, Yardbird is also a versatile seasoning for dressings, baked potatoes, guacamole, fish tacos and more! Find it in our Mixers aisle.

Why head to the tamale shop when you can have the flavor you love and H-E-B deli convenience? Our H-E-B Chef Prepared Tamales are larger than traditional tamales in both size and flavor. Available in our deli in Pork, Picadillo, Cheese & Green Chile, and Chicken in Green Sauce.
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Drawing from her Greek heritage and professional culinary history, Celebrity Chef Cat Cora is bringing her line of hummus to an H-E-B store near you. Best known for her role as the first female Iron Chef on Iron Chef America, you'll love the twist she brings to everyone's favorite Greek dip. Cat Cora's Smooth & Creamy Lemon Hummus is topped with jalapeño peppers to offer the perfect balance of sweet and spicy to the classic hummus flavor. Look for it in our deli along with her Traditional and Smooth & Creamy Garlic varieties.

H-E-B Pure Cane Sugar Candy Cane Soda is a holiday drink you've been waiting for all your life. It's made right here in Texas the old fashioned way with pure cane sugar. Besides bringing the right amount of holiday cheer every time you pour, it's also great for punches and takes ice cream floats to the next level of yum!

Your favorite holiday flavor is now available in a scrumptious new freshbaked cake in our bakery. Fluffy and moist, our Candy Cane Crème Cake is infused with crunchy peppermints and topped with real candy cane pieces. Just when you thought baked goods couldn't get any better, our H-E-B bakers go off and create this! But grab a slice when you can, this cake is here for a limited time only.