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Primo Picks — Great Finds at H-E-B

This heat wave has nothing to do with weather, however. We're celebrating all things, sweet, spicy and otherwise piquant! From Jalapeño, Habanero and Hatch, to Cherry, Aji Amarillo, Ghost and more—go ahead and pick a pepper, any pepper! To kick things off, we suggest turning up the heat with some of our favorite drinks.

Limited Time Central Market Italian Sodas

We've added a piquant hit to our to spice up your refreshment this summer. The Central Market Organic Clementine Chili and Central Market Organic Raspberry Chili are new flavors created by H-E-B chefs and are only available for a limited time. Made in Italian Mineral Water, these zesty treast are a great complement to a variety of your favorite summer foods.

Limited Time Margarita Mix

Slim Rita's Hatch Chili Margarita Mix is Texas-made, using fresh limes and a kick of Hatch Chili peppers to make your margaritas to a whole new level. The bright citrus flavor balances out the heat of the Hatch pepper and at just 5 calories per serving, you can still have all of the flavor you love, without worrying about your waistline. This mix is only available for a limited time, so sip it while you can! And be sure to rim your glass with Twang Hatch Margartia Salt to create a match made in Hatch-a-Rita heaven.

Cabarnero California Red Wine

California winemaster, Jim Walls, wanted to add a spicy twist to his vintage 2011 Canernet Souvignon. After sampling several peppers, he decided the Habanero pepper with its heat and fruity, citrus-like flavor was the perfect fit. The Cabanero California Red, with its spicy habanero notes with hints of dark chocolate and alder smoke is the perfect complement to your chicken mole dishes, carne asada, carnitas, tamales and more! Find it in our wine department.