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Burger Bash

From June 4-17, find rockin' burger recipes, sides and more.

Burger Bash

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Primo Picks — Great Finds at H-E-B

We've created five delicious spreads using some of your favorite peppers like Jalapeño, Habanero and some that you may not have heard of, like Cherry and Aji Amarillo. Use them in the same way you'd use a condiment like mayonnaise or mustard to give a spicy boost of flavor to burgers, meats, sandwiches or anything that could use some extra heat. You'll find all five varieties of H-E-B Pepper Toppers in the grocery aisle.

Jalapeno Sweet Balsamic Reduction Topper

Jalapeño Sweet Balsamic Reduction: Burgers become masterpieces when topped with this sweet and spicy toppers.

Habanero Topper

Habanero: A firey mix of Habanero mango and red pepper that will make your sandwich scream.

Aji Topper

Aji: Fruit and mild, this popular Peruvian yellow pepper is sure to spruce up your favorite dishes.

Cherry Pepper Topper

Cherry Pepper: Sweet & spicy cherry peppers will add kick to your favorite hummus, cheese or sandwich.

Jalapeno Cilantro Lime Topper

Jalapeño Cilantro Lime: Turn up the heat in your guacamole with this zesty combination of jalapeños, cilantro and lime.