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H-E-B is celebrating TexFest from Feb. 25 - March 10. See all the best Texas products and recipes in one place.


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Quest for Texas Best

Are you a local Texas business? Tell us why your product is unique and Texas' best.

H-E-B Primo Picks Quest for Texas Best

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Primo Picks — Great Finds at H-E-B

Primo Picks are unique, tasty and cool products you may never have heard of or tried before. Look for Primo Picks shelf tags in store. Some supplies are limited, so get them while we got them!

At H-E-B, we pick Texas first. We rounded up our picks from all over the great state of Texas and abroad. You'll find fresh and delicious products made by Texans for Texas like our H-E-B Simply Seasoned Texas-Style Boneless Pork Ribeye Chops, Texas BBQ Sauces and H-E-B Creamy Creations® Premium Ice Cream 1905 Vanilla.

When crafting the ultimate Texas salsa, we did our homework. We chipped and dipped our way through countless recipes, asked our customers what they thought and didn't settle until we found just the right blend. In our quest to come up with the perfect salsa, we forgot to name it. Now we need your help! Enter our Name This Salsa contest for a chance to win $5,000!
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Flash in the Pan Spinach
Hearty Skillet Queso
Perfect Tex Mex Pot Roast

Aiming for a true Texas meal? You're in luck with our new boneless H-E-B Simply Seasoned Texas-Style Boneless Pork Ribeye Chops. They're rubbed with a proprietary Texas-Style BBQ Seasoning for a delicious meal you can really sink your teeth into. All you have to do is just fire up the grill. Look for them in our market.

Our limited edition H-E-B Pure Cane Strawberry Bliss Soda is back by popular demand! Made with pure cane sugar—the old fashioned way, with no high fructose corn syrup.

If you've yet to experience the deliciousness that is H-E-B Cookie Butter, you better sit down. Unlike anything you've tasted before, cookie butter is a lot like peanut butter in appearance but tastes a lot like a spiced shortbread cookie. You know the kind, the famous ones from Belgium and Germany. So you might be wondering, "What do I do with Cookie Butter?" We're glad you asked...spread it on toast, on pancakes, dip your fruit in it or just enjoy it straight out of the jar. Made in Germany, there's no artificial flavors or preservatives. Look for it in our Peanut Butter and Jelly aisle. But beware, once your try it, you're hooked!

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Whether you're serving apple pie or peach cobbler, nothing goes better with Texas dessert than vanilla ice cream. And no vanilla is tastier than H-E-B Creamy Creations® Premium Ice Cream 1905 Vanilla. Like the flavors in ice cream parlors of yesteryear, this vanilla is full-bodied and rich while being consistently smooth and creamy. Equally scrumptious topped with berries, with a warm brownie or enjoyed on its own, you can find it in our frozen aisle.

Declare your Independence from the same 'ol cup of joe. Originally created as a gag gift for an airline pilot friend, Independence Jet Fuel Dark Roast Coffee has now become Independence Coffee Company's trademark roast. Dark, bold and revved up, it contains six different coffee origins and is roasted just short of "French." Find in our coffee aisle.

H-E-B has partnered with GULF Wild, a conservation organization started by Gulf fishermen, to bring Wild Gulf Seafood to a growing number of stores. Under this program, Gulf red snapper and grouper are responsibly caught and guaranteed to come from the Gulf of Mexico. Each fish comes with a tag allowing you to trace the fish to the fisherman, boat and location it was caught. Our Gulf Wild Red Snapper is fresh, locally caught in the Gulf of Mexico and available whole or in individual fillets. Grilled, roasted or however you choose to prepare it, this is one delicious fish.

Bring flair to your sandwiches and salads with the tangy taste of tomato in our H-E-B Sun-Dried Tomato Turkey Breast. An excellent source of protein and only 290mg of sodium, it's a great for a quick and easy meal with a flavorful kick. Look for it in our deli.