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Pet Medications at H-E-B

The H-E-B Pharmacy wants to help you get the pet medicine you need, at a low cost you want. Bring your pet's prescription to the H-E-B Pharmacy today. You can fill your pet's human-equivalent and veterinary medications, including heartworm prevention. This includes low cost generic medications and special compounding.

You can also find generic pet medication prescriptions with H-E-B Generics As Low As $4!

Available Medications:

Anthelmintics (dewormer)

Cestex (Cats/Dogs)
Droncit (Cats/Dogs)
Drontal Plus (Dogs Only)

Anthelmintics (dewormer/heartworm)

Advantage Multi (Cats/Dogs)
Heart Shield Plus (Dogs Only)
Heartgard (Cats/Dogs)
Heartgard Plus (Dogs Only)
Sentinel (Cats/Dogs)
Iverhart Max (Dogs Only)
Revolution (Cats/Dogs)

Ear Mites

Milbemite Solution (Cats Only)


Albon Suspension (Cats/Dogs)
Amoxi-Tabs (Cats/Dogs)
Baytril (Cats/Dogs)
Biomox (Dogs Only)
Clavamox Drops (Cats/Dogs)
Clavamox Tabs (Cats/Dogs)
Clintabs (Cats/Dogs)
GentaVed Spray (Dogs Only)
Mometamax Otic Suspension (Dogs Only)
Otomax (Dogs Only)
Simplicef (Dogs Only)
Zeniquin (Cats/Dogs)

Skin Conditions

Animax Ointment (Dogs Only)
Dermalone (Dogs Only) Genesis Topical Spray (Dogs Only)
Ketochlor Shampoo (Cats/Dogs)
Mal-A-Ket Shampoo (Cats/Dogs)
Mal-A-Ket Wipes (Cats/Dogs)
Pyoben Shampoo (Cats/Dogs)
Resicort (Cats/Dogs)
Surolan Otic Suspension (Dogs Only)
Tresaderm (Cats/Dogs)


Prednis Tab (Cats/Dogs)
Temaril P (Cats/Dogs)

Pain and Inflammation

Deramaxx Tabs (Dogs Only)
EtoGesic (Dogs Only)
Metacam Suspension (Dogs Only)
Previcox (Dogs Only)
Rimadyl (Dogs Only)
Truprofen (Dogs Only)
Zubrin (Dogs Only)

Adrenal Conditions

Anipryl (Dogs Only)
Percorten-V 25 mg/mL (Dogs Only)
Vetoryl (Dogs Only)

Thyroid Disease

Felimazole (Cats Only)
Soloxine (Dogs Only)
K9 Thyroid Chew Tab (Dogs Only)

Behavior Modifiers

Clomicalm (Dogs Only)


Acepromazine (Cats/Dogs)
Adequan (pain & inflammation) (Dogs Only)
Atopica (skin) (Cats/Dogs)
Cerenia (Dogs Only)
Disnal (Cats/Dogs)
K-Bro Vet (Dogs Only)
Optimmune Ointment (Dogs Only)
PancrePlus Powder (Cats/Dogs)
Pancrezyme Powder (Cats/Dogs)
ProZinc Insulin (Cats/Dogs)
Synotic Otic Solution (Dogs Only)
Tumil-K Powder (Cats/Dogs)
Vetmedin (Dogs Only)